Laboratorio di Lingua inglese 1

How do you sayWhat do you call… and… is that right? English is crucial today, and in our BA and MA programmes we’ll help you improve your language skills with our “Laboratori”! Whether you are connected from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, you can test your English with this short quiz! And remember to have fun!

Susan’s from Chicago, ....

Choose the right sentence:

A: “This is huge! Haven’t you got a smaller size?” – B: “………”

Choose the right sentence:

Jake: “Shall I help you with those shopping bags?” – Carol: “….”

Very … people eat healthy food these days.

Kim is Irish, but she’s been living in Toronto ….

I apologize for the mess. I ....... time to clear up after dinner yet.

A mistake ........ when they added up the total.

Have you finished with that book ....?